Happy 'big-one' Sandy!

14 March 2016

The sun was shining again today although there was still some cloud cover at the Fornet and towards the Italian border. The only one who knew for sure what they were going to ski was Chris as he’d organised a Tarentaise Tour because Corrine loves it plus it was Sandy’s 60th birthday today and Chris wanted a special day out. Happy Birthday Sandy, you don’t look a day over 45 and we hope you have a wonderful day! Meanwhile I skied the Borsat meadows and then ‘skinned’ up to Mont Roup, totally undecided about skiing the north-side or the classic Roup. Thomas was ahead of me and he ‘skinned’ to the summit so that he could look in and survey the terrain and reported enough room on the classic Roup for both our teams. Merci Thomas! We were both surprised at how much space was left plus the quality of the snow, which was excellent and everyone was purring due to a great result. I finished off with an Alti-port to make the most of the morning, and Lucia made serious progress today on only her 4th day off-piste. Bravo! Meanwhile Andreas headed up to the Borsat West and I’m not too sure where after that and I’m sure he sniffed out something for his team and hopefully Chris’ adventure went well.

I’d like to thank Geoff and Inga for a brilliant late-afternoon/evening last night. It started with a fantastic 1-1 draw between United and the Hammers, followed by a wonderful meal with great company.

I’m now shutting down and resting up after my week with my Scottish friends and the Dutchman. Thanks for the fun boys and looking forward to seeing you all at St Andrews!

Another sunny-ish day is forecast for tomorrow before a chance of snow on Wednesday and perhaps Thursday. Fingers crossed on that one as we’re running out of party tricks! Stay tuned!

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