Some snow tonight?

15 March 2016

Hopefully today was the last morning before we get some relief as some snow is forecast for tonight. Andreas did some internet reconnaissance last night so we decided to head up to the Fornet for a change of scenery and Chris, Andreas and I all had a pretty good morning skiing different itineraries. I spent the morning in the Pays Desert with a ‘triple-skin’ and apart from the first pitch in the Upper Pays Desert which was a bit ‘educational’ but very skiable the rest was excellent all the way to the bottom. Chris and Andreas both did a quick Pays Desert before heading over the Col and Andreas’ team tested out the gorge, which is passable but one could still find some trouble if they tried hard enough! (I’m not sure if Chris skied through the gorge as well) Meanwhile, Thomas and Henry headed back to Tignes to ski off the Col des Ves before ‘skinning’ back out and Thomas was planning on lunch in the Col du Palet Refuge. I’d say it was a pretty good effort from all the boys today and fingers crossed for some sort of fresh canvas tomorrow!

I had a great session with Rob and Caroline this afternoon as we worked hard on technique, and conditions were perfect with firm snow, good light and not too many people. I was really pleased with their progress and desire to improve and it made for a very satisfying lesson. Bravo to you both!

And a big thank-you to Sandy and Steve for hosting a brilliant evening last night to celebrate Sandy’s birthday. There was plenty to eat and drink and the company was fantastic!

PS Stuart injured his shoulder yesterday on the Tarentaise Tour trip with Chris and is out of action for the rest of his holiday. Fortunately by the Sea-Captain’s standard it’s a fairly minor injury!

PSS- A French snowboarder was killed in the bottom of the Manchet yesterday when he flew over a bump and landed in the Calabourdane. I’m not too sure how he managed it but it was a tragic accident.

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