Tough but fun!

16 March 2016

It snowed very little overnight and it was blowing a hoolie this morning. We all headed up to the Fornet to face the dragon as it was the only chance for any fresh snow. Chris and I were planning a trip over the Col Pers but they closed the lift just as we were about load, so we turned around and skied our way to the bottom. We then headed up the Borsat towards better light and skied a nice run from the top of the Borsat Nord, followed by the Familial and then a Spatule to finish. It was a tough morning but atmospheric and everyone seemed to enjoy it. (See photos)

Henry stayed up at the Fornet and skied the Combe du Signal a couple of times and then the Grand Vallon. Well done Henry!

Thanks very much to Chris and Suzanne for a lovely evening last night with Bridgette, Ghiselle and James. Bridget was a bit naughty and eventually poured an entire bottle of wine into my glass, and somehow without me noticing! Blimey, just what I needed before a flat-light and windy day!

I’m now taking some time off from the social calendar to get myself ready for the girls arriving on the 23rd. It’s now early nights and the gym and I’m really looking forward to their 18-day visit!

Hopefully we’ll see some more snow today, especially towards the Fornet before the sun comes back out tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS It’s blowing even harder now around 2:15PM and looking outside it looks as if Solaise has been shut down!

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