Emmett's best day of the season!

17 March 2016

Yesterday’s wind was ferocious with 119km/h clocked on Solaise yesterday afternoon and everyone was happy to wake up to calmer conditions and bright blue skies. It only snowed a couple of centimetres in the resort but with 100km/h easterly winds at altitude you know it’s going to snow more towards the border and we all headed up that way this morning hoping for pockets of fresh snow. And wow, what a result! There was a lovely mix of snow starting with some excellent soufflé off the Laisinant and in the Combe du Signal, followed by a stunning run in the Combe du 3300 where we skied 20 to 30 cm’s of light snow. Next up were a couple of fantastic runs in the Pays Desert with deep snow up high and more compressed snow lower down followed by a great run down over the Col Pers. (See photos) Emmett kept wanting me to tell him that it was the best day of the season, sorry Emmett it wasn’t, but after the hurricane yesterday it was an outstanding result and could not have been better, which left everyone involved extremely satisfied.

A team were heading to Bonneval today and were ‘skinning’ up above us while we headed into the Pays Desert, and they ended up setting off a decent sized plaque, which features in today’s photos. Fortunately no one was injured but it fairly close to where Paul Gains hurt his knee many moons ago. Stephen B who was there when Paul was injured was in the group heading for the Col today. What are the chances of that!

Suzanne has left for Normandy so I’m in charge of taking care of Chris (just kidding) and we’re heading off to the gym soon. Suzanne will be away for two weeks a while my girls arrive on Wednesday until April 10th.

I’m skiing until the end of the season and the rest of the boys will be about as well, so don’t hesitate if you fancy some end-of-season skiing. The resort will be empty from mid-April and conditions should be fantastic with a combination of spring snow and powder. The spring snow allows us to tackle some lovely steep slopes that we can’t get to, or shy away from in the deep snow of winter. There is also a festive atmosphere in town with live music in the street and terraces full of people just celebrating life in general. It’s a brilliant time to be here so don’t think twice! Henry is also planning an ‘intro to touring’ tour towards the last weekend.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Andreas witnessed the plaque en-route to the Col above the Pays Desert then saw another avalanche later on in the Grand Vallon. Around the Tarentaise the risk is 2/5 but in isolated areas such as near the border the risk is much higher due to the wind-transported-snow, which in places is quite significant.

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