A long but good morning in the Pays Desert!

21 March 2016

Sorry for the late update but it’s been a long day. As usual when I’m late it usually means some sort of action, which we had today but fortunately it wasn’t too serious. Chris and I started off with a little ‘skin’ up high in the Pays Desert and John lost a little screw in his touring bindings and the entire heel piece fell apart. Once we worked out the problem I duck-taped it all back together again and was rather pleased with the result. (Amazing stuff Duck Tape, never leave home without it!) Poor John then needed to ‘skin’ with one heel down, which wasn’t the easiest way to travel! Bravo John for a great effort! The snow was pretty good all the way down but on the way out Maureen experienced some physical problems and we didn’t get out until around 2PM. Well done to you too Maureen! Andreas meanwhile headed to Tignes with his team and had a pretty good morning skiing mostly spring snow.

I skipped lunch as I didn’t get home until 2:30 and Chris and I went down to Bourg as his cupboard is bare and I was stocking up for the girls arrival Wednesday night. They all have their little French flavours that they’re looking forward to so I had to get everyone’s favourites and stock up on Guigal!

I’m off for a bath and bed so stay tuned for more news tomorrow! (The update will be a little late tomorrow as I’m about to go into a period of working quite a few afternoons.)

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