What a great day!

22 March 2016

As the sun beat down again and with no relief in sight the boys all put on a cracking good show this morning. I had Andrew and his son William who were both with me last April when I was stuck in the fog, and it was great to have them along again, especially when we could see! Anyway, I’ll go into ‘code-mode’ because times are tough and Chris and I had a brilliant morning skiing perfect spring snow mixed with a couple of powder pitches and some wonderful hard piste skiing in-between. (See photos) Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas also had great mornings skiing spring snow and I won’t mention where they were either!

I had the pleasure of skiing with Eric Healey this afternoon, along with his daughters Vicky and Olivia, and their friends Beckkah, Antonia and Elly. Needless to say Eric and I were in pretty good company! And Chris was out with Tim and his wife Gill and they had a lovely afternoon skiing gentle off-piste.

I’m skiing with Tim tomorrow afternoon and then heading to the airport but I’ll try to get the update done before I go. Stay tuned as we expect a sunny but windy day tomorrow!

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