That was a first!

23 March 2016

The day started off bright and sunny but by 11 o’clock a nasty cloud a risen from the valley below and put a damper on proceedings. The cloud was totally unexpected and wasn’t forecast but fortunately it didn’t affect Chris and I that much as the snow we skied had already taken the early morning sun and softened beautifully. I ended up skiing a steep gulley/couloir that I’ve been eye-balling for a few years and today the conditions were just right to have a go. It was fantastic with excellent ambience and the team was pretty pleased with themselves. (See photos) Andreas and Thomas went off on an adventure and the cloud probably affected their day more than ours as they needed the visibility, but they had a great time anyway. As you can see I’m not giving anything away.

There is almost a feeling of drizzle in the cloud cover that has enveloped the mountain and it will be interesting to see if we get a few flakes up high, or whether it puts a slight crust on things. It won’t damage the spring slopes but may affect what’s left on the winter-side of the mountain.

I’m working this afternoon then heading down the valley to pick up the girls this evening so stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS I had a great evening in the Baraque last night. I went in for a quiet beer with the Nobles boys, Harry and Ian, then Kevin came in, followed by Tony W and then Mark and Daphne. It was a good laugh and I had a little wobble in my step on the way home!

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