Tough skiing but somehow very satisfying!

24 March 2016

We are expecting 5 to 10cm’s of snow tomorrow and some sort of fresh start so hopefully today was the last day of a difficult period. With that said the boys have done a great job and we’ve found some fantastic skiing during our little drought and today was no exception. Chris and I had a great outing although it wasn’t the best snow we’ve skied of late as we ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours. We had a lovely walk followed by some soft snow up top before needing to turn some soufflé on the steep slopes under the rocks. After the second ‘skin’ it was smooth soufflé again to the bottom. It was probably the worst snow we’ve skied all winter but it was fun and really enjoyable and the snow worked top-to-bottom, which is infinitely better than snow that doesn’t work, such as breakable crust! I had a new French skier named Patrick who had come from the Club Med of all places, and he absolutely loved it saying, “What a fabulous itinerary”! You can come again Patrick!

Andreas and Thomas ‘skinned’ up towards the Balme de l’Ours and found some nice winter snow followed by some spring further down. The boys were quite pleased with themselves as they had an excellent ski.

The girls arrived last night and we all had a fantastic family ski this afternoon. They are here until April 10th so we’re looking forward to some great family time together.

I just checked the forecast and the snow isn’t expected until tomorrow afternoon so we have grey skies and no new snow to look forward to tomorrow. Bummer! Wish us luck and stay tuned!

And a big hello to Connie back in Wonersh!

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