What a beautiful day!

26 March 2016

The wind yesterday afternoon didn’t do us any favours and thank goodness the sun was shining in all its glory today. I went from ‘plan A’, which was skiing north and steep to about ‘plan D’, which turned out to be pretty good. After skiing the Borsat Nord from the middle entrance with Chris we skied some lovely piste en-route to the Sachette, which offered some winter powder turns to nice spring snow. I ‘skinned’ to the spring-side while Chris skied classic and we finished with a good run in the Familial. Meanwhile Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours with Henry and Alex then went over the Col Pers this afternoon. Thomas went for an adventure with the Parker family as he took them to Bonneval. He ran into some trickier snow than he’d hoped for so he put on his ‘skins’ and climbed up for 20-minutes to access some lovely spring snow. Well done Thomas!

Tim and I had a fantastic afternoon skiing the Col Pers and he really appreciates getting out into the back-country, and today we had it to ourselves.

The girls had a great ski today complete with a picnic and tomorrow afternoon I’m off so that we can ski together. They are having a lovely time and really enjoyed their drinks in the Baraque with Harry, Ian and Chris last night, and are looking forward to seeing John and Margaret tonight.

Tomorrow’s forecast is a bit iffy so get some sleep tonight and don’t forget the change in hour. Stay tuned!

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