Boy, did that work out well!

27 March 2016

The forecast was for a pretty uninspiring day as flat-light was expected with no new snow and no chance of the spring slopes warming up. We were ready for a tough morning but the sun popped through and seemed to follow us around all morning long and we made the most of it. Thomas, Chris and I skied the Lower Borsat, followed by the Rosolin with a little ‘skin’ to ski some nice snow en-route to the ‘Wall’, which was excellent. Chris and I then headed for a fantastic run on the Big Face of the Balme while Thomas skied the Cairn, then Chris and I circled back around to ski the ‘Wall’ again. It was a morning of steep slopes with winter snow and a tough day turned into a cracking good ski, and good results when expectations are low is always satisfying! Meanwhile Andreas had great skiing as well on the Balme before heading to the Mouse Hole on the Aiguille Percee.

I had a group of Dad’s and Lad’s with Derek and Gregor, Paul and Nicholas, and Clare (stepping in admirably for Peter who was on a 22-mile run!) and Rory. Everyone did brilliantly and Rory picked up a ‘gentleman of the day’ award for taking such good care of his Mum. Well done Rory!

Tomorrow looks as if it could be another tough day with cloud cover and wind but maybe we’ll get lucky again. Fingers crossed!

PS Well done everyone for dealing with the dreaded time change as we had a 100% attendance record today!

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