Another fun morning in the steep!

28 March 2016

A few centimetres of fresh snow fell and it was just enough to give us a nice cushion underfoot and for the second day running we profited from much-better-than-forecast light. All of team headed to Tignes where we knew we’d have some smooth terrain underfoot and we skied the big Face of the Balme, the Sachette Couloir, the Familial and bits and pieces in-between. I thought it was another great morning without too much really being on offer and all the boys put on a pretty good show. And I’d like to say well done to Nicholas for making some good progress in the steep this morning.

I had a great afternoon with Tim and Jill this afternoon as we did two circuits of the off the Verte, under the Mont Blanc and the Familial. We had a nice cushion of snow and just enough light to make the most of it. Meanwhile Chris skied with Ian and his wife and children Harry, Oscar and Frankie, and he took them all on an adventure down the Piste Perdue. Apparently it went down very well! Nice one Chris!

The girls had a great morning skiing with Margaret and Dawn this morning and they covered a huge amount of ground. Well done girls!

Hopefully we’ll get the snow that is forecast tomorrow, which would help to set up the rest of the week. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Yesterday when we came around to ski our second run on the ‘Wall’ there was a group of Pisteurs working on a skier who’d fallen over the cliff above and through the rocks. I haven’t heard anything on the radio about it and have no news about how serious the injuries were, but it didn’t look very good!

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