A 'maximum-turn' extravaganza!

29 March 2016

The light was unexpectedly good again today and with 10 to 15cm’s of fresh snow and a fast team of Dad’s and Lad’s it was a ‘maximum-turn’ extravaganza! We warmed-up with a non-stop-three-hundred-turn run down the ‘ L’, which was perfectly groomed with a lovely cushion of fresh snow on top. Then it was a great run off the Laisinant before heading straight in to the Grand Vallon, followed by the Combe du Signal, then up to the Glacier for a 3300, a Pays Desert and a trip over the Col. Blimey! All the boys were in the neighbourhood skiing the same runs or variations of and everyone had a superb morning.

I then skied with Jane and Jumbo, their two boys Angus and Stuart and a family friend Matthew this afternoon and we headed up to the Fornet to go over the Col Pers. It started snowing and looked like a flat-light afternoon but once over the Col the vis was excellent, as was the snow! We exited from the Grand Torsai down the couloir skiers-left, which I haven’t skied all season and it added to the ambience as kids seem to like couloirs! Jane wasn’t so keen but did a great job and finished with a smile. We had a good Bouquetin show on the way out to top off a great afternoon!

We might get a few more flakes by morning and should see some sunshine tomorrow. I’m not working in the afternoon and will be skiing with the girls so hopefully we’ll get some decent light. Stay tuned!

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