Another pretty good result!

30 March 2016

It was another wonderful day with good light complimenting jolly good snow and we all headed to the Fornet to stay high and ski ‘north’. The sun was shining in the Pays Desert so I skied an excellent run out-wide with a little ‘skin’, before heading over the Col Pers. My plan was to ski a short pitch then cut over to the Lechoir but it was so good I kept going, which increased our ‘skin’ quite substantially! (Needless to say I was rather popular) We then skied a lovely Lechoir before ‘skinning’ back up to the Grand Torsai. The rest of the boys dove over the Col first thing and skied various itineraries before circling back around for the Vallonnet and variations.

I had a great afternoon in the Pays Desert with Gill and Millie and although the snow is warming up we managed to stay north and ski some pretty good snow. Meanwhile Katie took herself swimming with her pal Anna and then they’re finishing a nice girlie afternoon with a milkshake. Katie and Anna are a couple of characters who can bring the mischievous out of each other so hopefully they’ll have a great time without winding each other up!

And thanks very much to Russell for a fantastic evening last night. It was such a good fun and the girls loved it! Millie was very impressed with Russell’s salad and home-made dressing while Katie was taken by the dessert! Thanks Russell!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow as the forecast isn’t great but lately we’ve had much better than forecasted weather and I’m hoping for a decent morning tomorrow.

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