Something out of nothing!

31 March 2016

Well, today had ‘stinker’ written all over it and when we dove off the Verte to test the waters there wasn’t anything at all to be positive about. It was ‘wishbone’ snow that would rip your leg off so we all headed back to the piste, which was in great condition, and made our way to altitude on the Motte. From there I had the pleasure of skiing with Henry and we ended up have a cracking good ski in winter powder, some slightly more ‘educational’ powder, and a few turns of spring snow. We skied some steep slopes through the rocks with lovely light and fantastic scenery, and it was all very atmospheric. At the bottom we ‘skinned’ out for 20-minutes and for a day that looked pretty dismal I thought it was a great result. (See photos) We then skied some nice turns off the mini-Rosolin before skiing back home on the pistes.

Thomas skied the Rosolin and finished with a fun run in the Piste Perdue and I’m not too sure what the rest of the boys skied. Both Thomas and I were out this afternoon but I ended up working on technique on the piste with Sarah and Sarah as the off-piste was incredible sticky.

Harry had a real struggle with his ‘skins’ this morning and it wasn’t until he made it back out that we realised that he’d put his ‘skins’ on backwards! Thank goodness he’s a big strong lad and he managed incredibly well considering the handicap. Don’t worry Harry, you’re not the first and you won’t be that last but I’m sure your brothers will give you some serious stick!

And I’d like to wish Derek a big Happy Birthday and many happy returns. Rock on Derek!

Although it was a tough day it wasn’t nearly as bad as the picture painted by the forecast and hopefully we’ll be lucky again tomorrow. (And we may just get some snow!) Stay tuned!

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