Tricky times but excellent skiing!

01 April 2016

We had another tricky day but it didn’t have the same potential ‘stinker’ factor as yesterday. Chris, Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet to face the dragon (wind) and it was evident immediately that we had the chance of a pretty good morning. After a warm-up run on nice supporting snow with a few cm’s of fresh on top Chris and I headed over the Col to ski the Glacier Pers, which was jolly good top-to-bottom. I exited out my funky route in lovely clean snow and loads of ambience as it’s a pretty impressive route. Andreas stayed up on the Glacier and had a great morning while Thomas and Henry had excellent skiing in Tignes. Bravo boys!

I had a brilliant social evening last night as I met my brother-in-law Rob W at the Baraque for a drink, then Ellie, Matt and Lara came in and they’re always great fun. I also saw Suzanne and Sally and I haven’t seen Sally since the Alamo days and that’s going back some! Then I picked up Gill and we went off to Derek’s for his birthday drinks session, which was fantastic. Thanks Derek! It was a top evening to say the least.

And thanks to Russell for taking the girls skiing this morning. They had a fabulous time as always!

I must run so that’s all for today. Stay tuned!

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