Making the best of it during a difficult run!

02 April 2016

The warm, grey and windy weather continued but all the boys did a pretty good job dealing with tough and limited conditions. After a very successful day at the Fornet yesterday it was time to head to Tignes for a change of scenery and we skied off the Verte, Borsat, Grande Motte, the ‘Wall’, the Chardonnet and Chris continued on into the Sachette to lunch in Les Brevieres with Tejina. It was a rather funky morning as I skied a couple of lines that I’ve never been drawn to before and it’s amazing how desperation can open one’s eyes! Top marks boys for a great morning in uninspiring conditions.

I forgot to mention my gaff with my ‘skins’ yesterday, which should make Harry feel better. I haven’t totally become accustomed to my new ‘pin’ bindings and I forgot to release the ski-brakes before taking off my ‘skins’. I took one ‘skin’ off and the instant I placed my ski down in the snow it shot off like a rocket over a cornice. Luckily it landed tip down in the snow and planted itself or I would have been in a spot of bother. Hopefully I’ll file that away for future use!

Thanks very much to Geoff and Inga for a brilliant drinks session last night. It was a big effort with lovely food and stunning wines along with great company. Thanks again and it was very much appreciated!

Similar weather is forecast again for tomorrow with perhaps a little less wind so we’ll need to just get on with it. Stay tuned!

Come on you Hammers!

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