Another possible 'stinker' avoided!

03 April 2016

After several warm, wet days and warm nights without a proper refreeze the snowpack has been increasing unstable with each passing day, and last night around 6:45PM a huge avalanche came down from the Super L and onto the Laisinant piste. (and through the L and Mattis junction) Thank goodness it was at night and not during the afternoon when a lot of people could have been in its path! Anyway, avalanches letting go on their own at night is cause for concern and it was on Chris and my minds when we set off this morning. Fortunately we had a slightly better freeze last night and because it was too windy at the Fornet with potential 100km/h gusts we headed to shelter in the Sachette. We skied beautiful piste into Tignes la Lac before skiing the Sachette Couloir, which was excellent, and then continued through the meadows before cutting out back to the piste of avoid ‘quick-snow’! On the way home we finished off with the Familial and all in all it was a jolly good morning in pretty tough conditions. Bravo to all those aboard this morning! (See photos)

More of the same is forecast for tomorrow and one could get depressed about it all except that it’s almost always much better than anticipated and the skiing is actually jolly good with a spring-snow-feel on the pistes and good spring snow off-piste. It could be worse although my wife for one would love to see the sun!

Come on Leicester!

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