What a wonderful start to the New Year!

01 January 2009

What a wonderful start to the New Year! The sun was out and the little bit of new snow made all the difference. JC and Henry headed to the Fornet and had a really good morning skiing the Pays Desert and Col Pers while the rest of us skied in Tignes. JM and Andreas skied an excellent Chardonnay and Sache, TJ skied the Sache as well and I’m not too sure what Pietro skied. My team enjoyed some great skiing around the Motte and all in all is was a brilliant morning of skiing. Gill and I took Katie out for her first ski of the season and she loved it, while Millie threw a tantrum in the Marmatton restaurant. We then had the pleasure of our first torchlight descent of season, which was particularly hairy as they watered the course for the World Cup races. On the way down to the rendezvous where we light our torches, TJ fell on a sheet of ice and I did my best to miss him but fell as well and shish-kababed him up the backside with my skis. Fortunately he was fine and I managed to lose my sunglasses in the process. We were all grateful for getting down in one piece and dread thinking about the next one during the World Championships when they’ll be taking fire-hoses to ice down the mountain from top to bottom. Anyway, another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow.

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