Wow, that was a brilliant result!

04 April 2016

It was slightly colder last night and the wind was still blowing but not nearly as strongly as it has over the past few days, so Chris and I headed up to the Fornet to capitalize on any fresh snow. And wow, what a morning! We were treated to strips and gullies with anywhere between 5 and 15cm’s of fresh creamy snow and it was wonderful to have a ‘winter-feel’ underfoot again. After a nice run around the Combe du Geant while waiting for the T-Bar to open we had a great run in the Pays Desert and an even better run over the Col Pers. It was excellent all the way to the Grand Torsai before turning to more spring-like conditions which worked right to the bottom. We were the only ones in sight and having the place to ourselves was an extra bonus. (See photos)

Chris was out all day with Tejina, Andreas was working this afternoon, and I had the pleasure of skiing with Jerry Hill’s nephews Tom (15) and his younger brother Charlie (13). They are a couple of pretty cool kids and Tom sails, play trumpet, and is influenced by Miles Davis, while Charlie prefers rugby and electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Rock on boys and I’ll see you again tomorrow afternoon!

There was a huge avalanche in the Marmottes/Marmottons today. It starts up high in the rock and then spreads out to about 150 metres. We need some cold weather sooner or later to stabilise the big spring slopes so that we have something to ski once the sun returns.

The weather does suck for this time of year but I must say I’ve been enjoying the skiing anyway. We’ve been coming up with good outings daily but none of us would complain if it cooled down at night and the sun came out. It will happen one of these days! Stay tuned!

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