A belter up on the Motte!

06 April 2016

After two stunning days at the Fornet it was time for a change of sector and scenery so the team headed towards Tignes. It was evident from the first turns off the Verte that we were in for a fantastic morning and everyone had a brilliant ski. From the Verte we skied a great run in the Borsat and down through the meadows before heading up to the Motte where we skied one off the Leisse, which was good but warm, before skiing three rotations on the Rosolin. The Rosolin was excellent but got a little warmer with each passage but no one was complaining too much about that! Thomas and Chris waited for the cable-car to open and got the first ride up, which I’m sure was wonderful.

I’m back out this afternoon with Lottie and Heather and then I’m hoping to ski with the girls for their last three afternoons. Chris is skiing all-day with Tejina and the two of them are covering some ground! And Chris has an extra bounce in his step as Suzanne returns tonight after almost three weeks away. Welcome back Suzanne!

Stay tuned as sunshine is forecast for tomorrow!

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