Great morning, maybe my best ever afternoon?

07 April 2016

After what seems an eternity the sun finally appeared and we all had a superb day. We headed to Tignes will the powder was in transition and skied great snow off the Borsat, around the Palafour, in the Sachette, the Campanules and the Familial to finish. It was a cracking morning and it was so wonderful to be able to see again!

My afternoon was truly one of the finest afternoon’s of spring skiing I’ve ever experienced, and to share it with Millie and Katie made it that much more special. Chris reported ‘clean’ snow in the Grand Vallon so the girls and I had two perfect runs in the steep Millie’s Run (Chez Henry in winter) before we met up with Chris and Tejina. We then skied Millie’s run again before heading back up and dropping into the Vallonnet and traversing back around the corner past Oh My! It was clean and steep to the valley floor, and it was absolutely exquisite! (See photos) It was too good to stop and all the girls wanted more so we did it again and finished at 4:30. Wow!

Thanks very much to John and Margaret’s grandson Luke who took Millie and Katie for a lesson/ski this morning. The girls loved it and it allowed Gill to ski with me off-piste for only the second time all season. Thanks Luke, you’re a star!

I’m getting ready to go to the Baraque for Derek’s Medal ceremony. It should be fun and I’ll get some photos and post them tomorrow.

Andreas and Ness had a huge disappointment yesterday. Ness has been practising her singing for an audition to get into a music school and she sang in front of the judges with Andreas proudly accompanying her on his guitar. She sang beautifully and nailed all her notes and she and Andreas were really pleased with their performance. Then the judges announced that they weren’t taking in anyone who didn’t play an instrument as well! They were livid as this should have been stated months ago and Andreas would have had the chance to get Ness started on the guitar or piano. Well done Ness and your Mum and Dad were really proud of you, and so are we!

I’m not too sure about tomorrow’s weather but I’m buzzing after my afternoon with the girls. Stay tuned!

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