A troublesome sea-of-cloud!

08 April 2016

It was drizzling on my way home last night and with some white on the trees of Solaise I expected a little bit more cushion this morning than we had. We headed up to the Fornet and started off in sunshine before the sea-of-cloud enveloped us. The fog was an unwanted complication to the morning but it was pretty good skiing for the most part. Only the Pissaillas and Grande Motte were above the cloud so it was a 50/50 call this morning at the Gourmandine and I did expect the new snow to soften the spring snow a bit more than it did, but we did our best. Snow is forecast for tonight so we should be back to a day or two of powder in the next couple of days.

I’d like to give Martin’s daughters Amelia and Evelyn a mention. Both of them have performed admirably while skiing with Henry this week. Well done girls!

Derek was awarded his 20-years Fidelity Medal last night by none other than Patrick Chevallot at the Baraque. It was a great presentation complete with wonderful nibbles and drinks and well done to Richard Finlay for finding his way in to help with the celebrations! Derek has promised to wear his medal while Heli-skiing in Canada next year and Patrick was impressed with how many heli-skiers Derek has introduced to Val d’Isere. Bravo Derek!

And thank you very much to Caroline for a wonderful evening at the Taverne d’Alsace last night. (and for the fantastic variety of your fridge’s contents)

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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