What a truly stunning day!

09 April 2016

It snowed 20cm’s overnight and like yesterday we started off in the clouds but broke through into stunning blue skies near the summit of the Laisinant chair. We had an absolutely wonderful morning starting off with great snow and a clean base off the Laisinant chair, followed by a cracker in the Combe du Signal, then the Pays Desert into the 3300, followed by a Pays Desert with a little ‘skin’ and finished off with a fabulous Col Pers. (See photos) It was only Gill’s third off-piste morning of the season but it was a ‘maximum-turn’ outing of high quality and one to savoir! Chris, Thomas, and Henry were all on action at the Fornet enjoying the stunning conditions)

After a terrific lunch with the girls and John, Margaret and Luke at Les Crozets the girls and I headed up to ski a Grand Vallon and Combe du Signal. We were hoping to get into the Vallonnet but the fog restricted our opportunities. Still, we made the most of it had enjoyed a great family ski.

Thanks again to Luke for taking the girls this morning. They had a fantastic time again and it also allowed Gill to ski with me. Thanks Luke!

I must run as I’ve a lot to do with the girls leaving tomorrow. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and bravo you Hammers!

PS I had a lovely drink with Dave Watts at the Taverne last night. I haven’t seen him in a few years and it was great to catch up and talk sports! I’m off to the airport tomorrow so the update my be late.

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