A good result on a potentially tricky morning!

11 April 2016

Last night I had pretty good expectations for today as it was forecast to freeze followed by a bright sunny morning and I had visions of classic spring slopes in pristine condition. It certainly froze overnight but the clouds rolled in earlier than expected and the Fornet was under cloud straight away, the Motte was looking dodgy and even the Mont Roup/ Charvet sector was clouding over. So, we headed towards the Aiguille Percee where the sun was shining longest and the slopes had a chance to take some warmth before the clouds blocked out the sun. I skied over via the Little Lavachet, which was much better than it might have been. The debris was easy to cross and the avalanche was impressive, but the best bit was the snow on the other side was clean with a nice texture on a support layer, and miles better than the frozen piste. Next up was a run on the Tourne that had had some early sun and it was soft enough, although another 15-minutes would have helped. Then we went over the little Col into the Sachette with Andreas and Chris and that was pretty good top-to-bottom. For a morning without enough sunshine I thought we did as well as we possibly could have, and I was pleased with the result.

After 35-years of riding that dreadful chair up to the Aiguille Percee I noticed something I’d never really seen before. Just to the right of the Aiguille is what’s left of another Aiguille that probably fell apart 1000 years ago. You can see where the hole was and an arm on either side that would have supported the arch. Once noticed it’s incredibly obvious and I can’t believe it’s taken me 1000 chair-lift rides to finally see it! (See photos)

What a great result for Leicester yesterday and what a fabulous final round for Danny Willet, who’s life will never be the same after winning the Masters. He’s the first Brit to win since Faldo in 96 and the first European in 17-years. What a wonderful young player with a huge future ahead of him, and logging on this morning at 7AM and seeing the result was a great start to the day!

Similar weather is forecast for tomorrow and we’ll see what the day brings. Stay tuned!

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