Trickier weather conditions but a stunning result!

13 April 2016

Gill reported a fantastic day yesterday for her 50th birthday. The sun was shining in all its glory and along friends and family she went for a 5-mile walk followed by a lovely lunch in Shere. In the evening Gill went out to dinner with her Mum and Dad, Millie, Katie, her brother and sister, and Wils and Rosie. It was a perfect day and she was really pleased with the way it all went, especially the sunshine!

I thought yesterday was an incredible morning of spring skiing and with tricky weather conditions and low expectations I thought today was a pretty special morning as well. Chris and I headed to the Face du Charvet as it had taken some early morning sun before the clouds started to appear and it had a chance of being soft. The top was excellent and the bottom could have been a tad softer but since we were throwing the dice a little it was a great result. It was evident that the transformation was going to be slow due to the clouds and we needed ‘clean’ snow underfoot so we headed to the Cabin de la Garde, which was lovely, en-route to Mont Roup. We skied it an hour later than yesterday and it was exquisite top-to-bottom, and we even had the sun pop out for our descent! From there we skied an excellent Marmottons to the bottom (because I missed my exit) before skiing the Marmottons into the Marmottes to finish. It was an extremely satisfying morning so Michele dragged the entire group off to Bananas for a beer!

Andreas and Henry headed towards Tignes to ski the Glattier and whatever else presented itself and although I haven’t had a report I’m sure they had a great morning.

Between 10 and 40 cm’s of snow is expected tonight with a sunny day tomorrow. Hopefully it will snow about 10 to 15 cm’s which would give us a powder day tomorrow while cleaning up the tracks and having a chance of transforming back to spring snow within a day. (40cm’s of fresh snow takes much longer to transform to spring snow and the mountain gets trashed with deep powder tracks in the meantime leaving the spring slopes unskiable) Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and come on you Hammers!

PS Thanks very much to John and Margaret for a fantastic dinner party last night. As Richard said, “It was nice to have a group of people who’d all known one another for at least 25 years!” Except Luke of course but we’ve all know him since he was a baby!

PSS And at this time of year with the snow getting so sticky I’ve been hot-waxing my skis on the terrace every afternoon. If you don’t have the opportunity to wax your own skis get into Jean Sports to have your skis waxed as it makes an enormous difference.

PSSS Andreas just reported a great morning as well with lunch at the Panoramique, nice one boys!

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