Sunny skies and wonderful views!

14 April 2016

With the heavy snowfall yesterday afternoon I expected a little more fresh snow this morning, but the sun was shining and we had a lovely cushion of fresh snow to enjoy. All the team headed up to the Fornet where the snow would remain cold and we all had a great morning. We all warmed-up of the Laisinant and then I skied the shoulder in the Combe du Signal before diving over the Col Pers. The Col Pers was excellent top-to-bottom and we exited through the ‘Funky’ route before heading back up to ski Oh My! (M & K) and then Katie’s Run. All the boys did various routes and everyone had a cracking good morning. (See photos)

I had a new skier named Joe today and he’d never been over the Col Pers before, which is always a treat. We sometimes forget how stunning it is back there and Joe thoroughly appreciated the experience, and having great snow and sunshine never hurts!

Thanks Geoff for supper and the footie last night. I was disappointed with the Hammers performance, especially Payet who probably had his worst game of the season as far as delivering killer balls into the box goes. Still, United played well and it was a fantastic finish as Man U held on. Geoff was a gracious winner which always helps, thanks Geoff!

Tomorrow’s weather isn’t looking the best with clouds expected most of the day, but I’ll wait until the morning to worry about that. Stay tuned!

PS We added a few stones to the late Graham Plant’s Cairn on the Grand Torsai. Graham was a great character and we all had a few moments of thought in his memory.

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