Fewer options than anticipated!

15 April 2016

We had a pretty good result today but it was a much tougher morning and we had fewer options than I thought we would while having a laugh with Henry, Dan and Mike at the Gourmandine. (Talk about not congratulating yourself while you’re still in motion, but I hadn’t even started yet!) I expected more of a transformation with a decent supporting layer with a nice wintery texture on top because it wasn’t warm enough yesterday for a full transformation to spring snow. But there was much less of a transformation and although we had a good support layer the surface was a little trickier than anticipated. Chris and I started with a Little Lavachet and the surfaced layer sloughed leaving us with a nice spring surface to ski down. From there we skied the Sachette Couloir, which had some nice warm powder all the way down to the flats. I was then expecting to hit spring snow on the sunny-side but there was such an accumulation of fresh snow from yesterday that we needed to stay north in the warm powder. The snow became too sticky so we headed back to the piste and I finished off the morning with some technique, which never goes amiss.

Henry was entertaining a group of journalists today in conjunction with Mark Warner and after starting around the Aiguille Percee he back peddled towards the Motte to gain altitude. It wasn’t the easiest day to impress the press but I’m sure Henry did a pretty good job of it. My friend Larry used to say, “When in doubt, dazzle them with your footwork!” It was that type of morning but there was some good skiing to be had nonetheless.

Hopefully we’ll get a decent freeze tonight although I’m not counting on it, and we should see some sunshine tomorrow. I’m pretty certain that we’ll be spending the morning at altitude, either on the Pissaillas Glacier or the Grande Motte, wind permitting. Stay tuned!

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