Another one out of the fire!

17 April 2016

The morning wasn’t looking too promising but when we arrived at the Gourmandine a ‘light-bulb’ appeared towards the Fornet and that was enough for Chris and I to head that way. There was a decent cushion of fresh snow but after testing the Lower Combe du Signal we knew we needed ‘clean’ underfoot and we didn’t trust the Pays Desert as it’s been skied to death, so after a few lovely runs on the Pissaillas pistes we headed over the Col Pers. The Col Pers was excellent with a good 15cm’s of fresh snow on the top section and as we skied lower the snow was less deep and warmer, but good skiing right to the bottom of the Grand Torsai. We then headed back up and entered the Vallonnet to ski wonderful winter snow in the upper combe, before turning left towards Oh My! Oh My! Was excellent with a nice firm base and 10cm’s on top and I thoroughly enjoyed my ski down, but when I stopped and turned around about 5000 snowballs had followed me down! I’ve never experienced that before and everyone left their tracks through the snowballs, which you didn’t feel, to keep the rest of the mountain ‘clean’. I felt a bit bad about the mess but you can’t do much more than ski north at altitude and we did minimise it by skiing in the snowballs and sometimes in the same track.

I thought it was a fantastic morning and another potential ‘stinker’ turned out to be a hugely satisfying morning. It was Penny’s last day of her season and what a finish, and Jean was really pleased to have his daughter Cathie skiing with us.

After six-days at the gym I’m giving it a miss today and going to watch Leicester v West Ham instead. This is one game I wouldn’t mind losing as I’m desperate for the Foxes to win the title. Stay tuned!

PS What a match! The referee had a poor game, the Hammers weren’t much better and I was happy that Leicester equalised at the death. It was probably a fair result in the end but what a tough game to officiate.

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