Oh My!, that was a big morning!

18 April 2016

A few more centimetres of snow fell overnight and combined with Saturday night’s snowfall it added up to a really nice cushion of fresh powder. All the boys headed to the Fornet to ski the coldest snow possible while saving the spring slopes, and everyone had an amazing morning.( Andreas, Thomas and Henry were back in action after the weekend off) I started off with a nice warm-up off the Laisinant before diving into the Grand Vallon, followed by the Combe du Signal via David’s Shoulder, then the Pays Desert with a ten-minute ‘skin’, followed by the Col Pers and the ‘Funky’ exit, which was superb, and the Oh My! to finish off a wonderful morning. Blimey, it was another good one!

It was the quietest morning of my career because for the first time ever I forgot my radio and was out of contact with the boys all morning. I could see their tracks here and there and knew what people were up to, and I must say there were some lovely sets of ‘Alpine’ tracks dotted around the Fornet. Bravo boys!

After a six-year absence it was great to have Mike Cran back. Mike was a little nervous first thing but he skied brilliantly and enjoyed a stunning comeback. Well done Mike! I’d also like to mention Dave H who skied with me last week. Dave was coming off a knee injury from last season when he damaged ligaments getting off a chairlift and he had a brilliant week.

I must get going as I’ve John and Margaret, along with Richard, coming for dinner tonight. They leave tomorrow morning so I thought I’d save Margaret some washing up and cooking tonight. Plus it’s always nice to see them!

It’s snowing lightly again this afternoon and we may see another 5 to 10 cm’s before morning, when the sun is forecast to shine! Stay tuned!

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