Another top morning at the Fornet!

19 April 2016

It froze well overnight and with a few extra centimetres of fresh snow we headed back to the Fornet to ski winter snow and allow the spring slopes to bake. There was some wind overnight but the snow wasn’t really affected and with the sun shining we enjoyed another terrific morning. Chris and I warmed-up off the Laisinant before skiing the Combe du Signal en-route to the Col Pers. The Col was so good I circled back around to ski it again while Chris skied the Lechoir. Meanwhile Thomas skied the Lechoir to the bottom and walked out the summer path then headed back up towards Oh My!, and I’m not too sure where Henry ended up although he may of walked out as well.

Andreas has gone off on a tour for a couple of days with Didier P and if he has Wi-Fi I’m sure he’ll post something on Facebook.

The sun is forecast to shine again tomorrow and if we have a cold night with a good freeze tomorrow should be a ‘classic’. Stay tuned!

PS I had a fantastic evening with John, Margaret and Richard last night. It was a great send off and we look forward to seeing them again next season. John is threatening to join the gym with us, which would be brilliant!

PSS I’m a little worried about tomorrow as the freeze will be minimal, which will seriously affect our options. Fingers crossed that it gets colder than forecast!

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