Another outrageously good morning!

20 April 2016

I was a little worried about the strength of the freeze last night but once on the snow we knew it had froze really well and with the help of some high mid-morning cloud the freeze lasted right to the end of the morning and beyond. Chris, Thomas and I all skied a ‘classic’ morning of big slopes in wonderful spring snow warming-up with the Cabin de la Garde, before ‘skinning’ and skiing another stunning Mont Roup. Wow, it doesn’t get any better and those big slopes are impressive! From there Thomas and I skied the Cugnai, which was slightly firm but we managed to play with the exposures and it was pretty good all the way down. We had time so we circled back up and skied it again before finishing with an excellent Marmottes into the Marmottons. It was another fantastic morning of high quality spring skiing on steep slopes, which is always a fun way to wind down the season, although it does wind me up something rotten!

Thomas had a young Austrian and his father skiing with him this morning, and young Magnus skis for the Austrian Europa Cup team. Needless to say the boy could ski and Thomas and the rest of his team thoroughly enjoyed watching him shred in the steep. Speaking of Thomas, he stayed up last night in his campervan to watch the film festival and came over to my place for breakfast. It was nice to have his company and have a chat about the day before ‘show-time’.

Meanwhile Andreas finished his two-day, one-night away tour and they had a great time. They didn’t make it quite to the top but had a fantastic run down the Mean Martin, then enjoyed drinks in the chalet in the Manchet followed by the Clochetons. That sounds like a nice ending to a couple of lovely days!

It has clouded over this afternoon and that will have an effect on the freeze tonight. Fingers crossed it does get cold enough because some sun is forecast for tomorrow morning and another morning of spring skiing wouldn’t be too hard to take. Stay tuned!

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