We took advantage of a light freeze!

21 April 2016

We were lucky with the sun today as it was much brighter than forecast and with a minimal freeze we all headed to Tignes for a change of scenery. Thomas and I skied the couloirs in the Palafour before heading towards the Sachette behind Andreas and Chris who had gone direct. Chris skied the Sachette Couloir so I skied the other one skier- right that I haven’t skied in years, and it was pretty jolly good with warm winter powder. It’s quite steep so we had some sloughing to add to the atmosphere and it was a good option. It’s wide enough on the top before it funnels down so Thomas’ team came down as well. It was great skiing right to the bottom although it was starting to get fragile and we all avoided the regular traverse and skied piste to Les Brevieres. We then had to very good runs in the Campanules and Thomas and Chris took the lifts down while I skied the northern route on the Upper Familial but I cut out as the snow turned sticky.

The weather looks a little bit tough tomorrow with cloud cover and a little drizzle. At least drizzle means snow higher up so we may get lucky and it seems the skiing is always better than anticipated when reading rubbish forecasts in the middle of the afternoon or evening. Fingers crossed that I haven’t jinxed myself!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow as this wonderful season slowly winds down!

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