Wildlife, flowers, and more sun than expected!

22 April 2016

It was one of those mornings where it wasn’t at all evident as to what the best options would be. The sky was overcast all night long, which greatly restricted the re-freeze and with cloudy skies this morning it was looking like a potentially tough morning. There was a chink of light towards the Fornet and that was enough to tip the balance for Chris and I so we headed that way along with Andreas and Didier P who are working together this week with a group from St Foy. As soon as we arrived at the summit of the Laisinant Chair the Fornet was covered in a blanket of fog, which was a little worrying but we broke through into beautiful sunshine at the Col. Chris and I headed out to ski spring out wide in the Pays Desert and were teased by a couple of powder turns, but ended up on spring snow. From there we headed over the Col Pers to the Lechoir and skied lightly supporting spring snow before finishing with a great run down a funky variation of the ‘Funky’ exit. I thought it was a pretty good morning and a great result as we didn’t have a lot of options today.

We had some good wildlife sightings again today and spotted one Chamois just as we stopped to put on our ‘skins’ for the Grand Torsai and then a herd of what I think were young Bouquetin on the road out. I also had a second’s glimpse of a white hare out in the Pays Desert and we’ve seen quite a few Perdrix Blanche lately. The flowers are a little late but they’re now starting to bloom as the snow melts way and it’s nice to have a splash of colour added to the landscape.

Ten to thirty centimetres of snow is forecast tonight with snow during the day tomorrow so just when you think it’s almost over it might get interesting for the next few days. I’d be happy with 10 to 20 but I’m not looking forward to so much snow that the avalanche risk shoots up. I’ve nine more days to go before returning to England to see my beautiful girls and I’d be quite happy skiing steep and stable spring slopes from here on in. Mind you a powder morning wouldn’t be too hard to take! Stay tuned!

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