Good skiing but on-piste!

23 April 2016

After drizzling all night I expected much more fresh snow this morning and with bad visibility we ended up staying on-piste for most of the morning. In fact, it was by far the least off-piste skiing that I’ve done in a morning for quite a few years! Still, the pistes were nice and I mixed in some technique as well, and must admit to only my second or third hot chocolate stop of the season. Chris’ team coaxed him into the 3300 but my team showed no interest in venturing off-piste as anything close by was tracked and frozen underneath.

Good luck to Millie this afternoon as she has a golf match against Wentworth at Bramley. Have fun Millie and I’ll be thinking of you!

And disaster struck last night as Millie dropped her I-phone into the toilet. Bummer Millie! There was a day when people had joke books and cross-words and such on the toilet lid but those days are long gone.

Hopefully we’ll have some fresh snow to play with tomorrow morning and a little bit of sun is forecast. I’m on my own now as the rest of the boys are off tomorrow and maybe for the rest of the season unless some people come through the door. Stay tuned!

PS And good luck to Peter, Clare and Pascale who are all running in the London Marathon tomorrow!

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