A winter's day!

24 April 2016

Fortunately there was a better accumulation of fresh snow this morning and with the wind coming from a northerly direction I headed up to the Motte to ski the southerly slopes in the lee where more snow had blown in. It was -9C on Bellevarde this morning and we had a lovely winter’s day and the snow was cold and light, making for a great morning. Unfortunately we were in a cloud some of the time and couldn’t take full advantage of the wonderful snow, but it was a terrific ski and appreciated by my team of Jean, Sylvie and Louise.

I was very proud of Millie who represented Bramley in an under-14 mixed Match-Play competition against Wentworth yesterday. Firstly because she put herself in the situation playing with a 12-year-old boy in a competition, secondly because Bramley won with Millie and her partner Toby winning their match while Daisy and Oscar won their match as well, and thirdly and the most importantly because she thoroughly enjoyed herself and is looking forward to the next team event. Bravo Millie and all your teammates!

Sorry for the lack of photos today, which is a shame because we left some great tracks and had some amazing ambience. I somehow managed to slide into my camera the black plastic card which slots into the computer to protect it from dust and dirt, and left the memory card in my computer. That’s a first and must have something to do with coming to the end of a wonderful but long season! (Sylvie was going to take some photos on her phone but realised that she’d lost it somewhere during the morning. Good luck finding it Sylvie!)

It is forecast to stay cold for a few days and we should have some fantastic winter conditions ahead. All we need is a little vis and we are in business! Stay tuned!

PS Thanks for an outstanding fish-pie last night Suzanne!

PSS And good luck to the Campbell’s and Pascale in London today!

PSS I’ve posted some English spring shots!

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