Pretty good for a tough day in late-April!

26 April 2016

We certainly didn’t have an easy follow up to yesterday’s stunning outing, but with grey skies, wind and no new snow we did our best. At 7AM it looked quite promising but by ‘show-time’ the clouds returned and in some areas fog became a factor. Chris and I tested the snow off the Verte and it was evident immediately that we were in for a tougher morning, however we started with a nice run in the Lower Borsat followed by the meadows before working our way to the Aiguille Percee via mostly piste. When we arrived at the Sachette the fog arrived with us and I dropped into the couloir as it looked pretty appetising from the top. Unfortunately after a couple of nice powder turns the snow became firm with some scattered snowballs so I radioed Chris to take my team of Jean and Françoise with him into the Sachette proper. I made my way down the couloir and slope below in the fog and waited for Chris to arrive via the classic route. Fortunately the fog thinned and we could see the rest of the way and considering it’s the 26th of April I thought it was pretty jolly good. While traversing to Les Boisse some lovely spring snow presented itself so we skied down through the trees, and that was a good little bonus. We skied home via the piste as the pistes were in fantastic condition and for a tough day it was a pretty good result.

My first day back in my Scarpa’s was a little painful. My right ankle was tender and I knew I loved those test boots but I didn’t realise quite how much. I really missed the sensitivity with the snow and the freedom of my ankles and maybe Mister Salomon will give me a deal on a pair next season?

Snow is forecast tonight with some partially sunny skies around 9AM so with any luck we could have a fantastic day tomorrow. A strong westerly wind is also expected so fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t spoil our day. Stay tuned!

PS Well done West Brom!

PSS Alistair brought his friend John along for the first time today. John absolutely loved it and was grinning from ear-to-ear. Bravo John!

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