Another cold wintery day!

27 April 2016

At 6AM it wasn’t very inspiring as the wind was howling and it was overcast, but by the time we arrived at the Rond Point there was a glimmer of light towards the Fornet, which gave us hope. Sylvie came by the Gourmandine to say good-bye as her season is over, and we had a nice social with Henry, Chris, Clem, Alistair, John, Sylvie and I. And thanks for the coffees Sylvie! We all headed up to the Fornet and had a great warm-up off the Laisinant before diving into the Grand Vallon, which was very atmospheric. There was a misty cloud up the upper section to deal with and through the mist we could see avalanche debris from above, which warned us that the wind had deposited enough snow to cause trouble if one looked hard enough. After a good run in the Vallon we skied an excellent run in the Combe du Signal (see photos) before I skied two in the 3300 on the Pisaillas, while Chris skied the Pays Desert through his passage in the rocks. We met for hot chocolate because it was bloody cold and found Pat Z and co warming up as well. I then headed down as Jean was still in one piece for the season and Clem wasn’t feeling 100% while Chris had a good finale over the Col Pers.

As always I’ve had a wonderful time skiing with Jean all winter and he did about 110 mornings, which is seriously good work! Bravo Jean. It was fantastic to get him through the season without injury as his past few seasons have ended prematurely. (Although we both came close to hurting ourselves when we fell over the enormous rat-track off the Motte a while back) Jean is a class act and always a pleasure in any group he skis in and I look forward to seeing him again next winter. In the meantime Jean, enjoy your diving and golf!

My ankle gave me some problems again today because all winter long I’ve had no stiff plastic around my ankle and have been able to squeeze my leg through the fabric. But I’ve bruised the bone a little on the stiff tongue and plastic and it’s pretty sensitive so I went into Jean Sports and Didier has lent me a pair of Dynafit touring boots which are much softer and they feel great. I’m really looking forward to trying them as my old boots (which I used to love) are heading for the bin! (I sound like a whimp don’t I!)

I’m really pleased for Katie who had her first net-ball match away at another school. Their team won 7-5 and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire experience. Bravo Katie and all your Tillingbourne team-mates!

Wall-to-wall sunshine is forecast tomorrow and after so much flat light it will be brilliant to be able to see! What we really need now is either more snow for powder skiing or some heat to transform the spring slopes. Sunshine however is a great improvement!

I forgot to thanks Dave, Jim and the two Oli’s for a great meal Monday night and I look forward to seeing you again all tomorrow night! (And you to George!) Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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