Much better weather than forecast!

30 April 2016

Wow, were we lucky today! The forecast wasn’t great for today but the sun shone and stayed out much longer than expected giving us the chance for some great skiing. We skied piste into Tignes before having an excellent run on perfect spring snow near the Palafour Couloirs. Next up was a lovely run on the steep and impressive Tourne before heading into the Sachette. Paul and Peter skied the couloir and had some fantastic snow on the slope below while I took the rest of the team into the Sachette, which was excellent. We skied a mix of powder up top and finished off with spring snow down below before skiing down through the trees to Les Brevieres.

I left the team on the top of Tommeuses while they went in for a coffee to kill some time before their table would be ready at the Folie Douce. They’re missing Derek, both on the skiing and party fronts but he’s there in spirit has he keeps texting Peter and Paul for updates. Hope to see you in Scotland in September Derek!

John Yates-Smith got in touch this morning for a photo for his Photo of the Day posting. John was feeling a little rough after a big night and wasn’t skiing today. Hang in there John but better you than me!

Tomorrow is my last day of a long and wonderful season and snow is forecast. It looks like we’ll have some powder to ski with flat-light, but we’ve been very fortunate this past few days with the sunshine. I’m leaving at 2PM and driving back to England to be with the girls on the Bank Holiday Monday so I won’t have time for an update before I leave, but I’ll post something on Monday.

Have a brilliant summer and stay tuned for periodic updates over the summer!

PS Millie has another golf match tomorrow away at the Royal Mid-Surrey and may run in Debra and Richard Finlay or perhaps Ian Noble. Meanwhile Katie will be riding while Gill taxi’s them about. It was a great win for the Hammers this afternoon as I tried to catch the second-half but was forced to watch Newcastle beat Palace instead. And I made it to the gym for my 76th visit of the season. My target was 75 so I’ve got myself in good shape for the upcoming golf season!

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