It was more of the same weather-wise, meaning sunny and cold

04 January 2009

It was more of the same weather-wise, meaning sunny and cold. The good news is that the cold nights are doing wonders as far as regenerating the snow and what was stiff plaque not so long ago is becoming lovely soft snow. TJ and Andreas headed to the Fornet to ski a very good Glaciers Pers this morning while Pietro skied an equally good Crete du Genepy. I had some surprisingly good snow off the Motte en route to a little Borsat West, which was a satisfying ‘sniff’. I’m not too sure what Olivier skied but he was out there somewhere. I had a ‘splat du jour’ award for a forward roll where I could feel my head touch the ice on the pond I was landing on. Andreas also had a tricky moment in the Couloir Central where he spun around and had a little slide before pulling it back together. (We do like to entertain!) A really good day was capped by skiing with Millie this afternoon and the difference a year makes is incredible. She’s so much stronger and can push with her poles as well as pick herself up after a fall, and can ski much further without stopping. Very satisfying indeed! Anyway, stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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