I can't believe she's thirteen!!!

11 July 2016

It’s Millie’s 13th birthday today but she has gone off on a school trip to Norfolk until Friday. She had her party last weekend with Connie (see photos), which was a great success and this weekend we had an annual family day in Gosport, which is always a fun day out. Liz and Grandpa Fred came over Sunday morning for presents, coffee and cake to celebrate.

Poor Nana had a terrible fall at the family day and landed face-first on the stone steps in the garden. Gill and her cousin Anna whisked her off to the hospital and luckily she wasn’t too damaged. Her face was black-and-blue on Sunday so I haven’t put up any photos of her, but she was incredibly good-natured about it all and never made a fuss. Blimey, she is tough!

Millie, Katie and I are off to Canada on the 28th of July before heading off to France with Gill August 17th. Before we know it the summer will be over and another ski season will be right around the corner, but I hope we get some nice sunny weather first! Stay tuned!

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