The cold weather continued again today with -13C in the village

05 January 2009

The cold weather continued again today with -13C in the village at 8AM. We spread ourselves around the resort with Andreas up at the Fornet, Chris and Pietro skiing around Bellevarde, my team skiing the Crete du Genepy, TJ was around the Motte, and Olivier skied an excellent Glacier Suspendu. It was Millie and Katie’s first day back to school and to Gill and my relief it went incredible well with Millie saying, “I loved everything”. We were worried as she didn’t really enjoy school last winter and this year they have separated her from the comfort of the English speaking children, but she responded brilliantly and I’m very pleased. Katie just got stuck in immediately with her little friend Anna so all is well with her. It clouded over during the afternoon and may snow a few flakes tonight but no one is really counting on it. If it doesn’t snow sunshine would be appreciated as the skiing needs visibility to read the snow as well as keep the spirits up. Speaking of spirit, Chris’ will be up as Suzanne arrives this evening. Welcome back Suzanne!

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