Happy Birthday Katie!

21 August 2016

Gill, Millie, Katie and I are in Val d’Isere and having a brilliant time. We’ve done some superb walking and are generally enjoying the mountain environment, which makes lunch and dinner so enjoyable when you feel you’ve earned your food and drink!

Today was Katie’s 11th birthday and we had a fantastic trip to Italy to celebrate. After a stunning drive we ate a wonderful lunch at Pepita’s before taking on a new walk underneath the Ruitor, which turned out to be brilliant with some great views on Mont Blanc. Before heading home we had some outstanding ice cream and coffee (Katie had a hot chocolate, which was hot chocolate and no milk!) We drove home with fantastic scenery and finished off the day with a steak on garlic bread and salad dinner, with some 12-year-old wine. Happy birthday Katie!

Last night we had drinks with Derek and Marcella, as well as Adam and his wife Nicky and son Tom at the Baraque. It’s a tough life!

I’ve posted photos but Picassa seems to have been retired and they don’t just pop up like they have over the past few years. Derek found our Canada photos through a Google link but not on the website as normal. Hopefully I can get it sorted before the winter as my Daily Diary won’t be the same without photos. Mind you, it would save me a ton of time!

Stay tuned!

PS The photos can be found at the bottom of the ‘Out of Season Photos 2016’ file. I’ve no control over moving photos around anymore. What a bummer!

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