Good news!

01 November 2016

Due to the shocking referendum result and subsequent drop in value of the pound we have decided not to raise our prices this season. Skiing is already a seriously expensive sport and with the local French bars and restaurants raising their tariffs the last thing you need is ‘us’ costing you even more money. We’ve always believed that we are great ‘value for money’ and with most of our clientele being British now is not the time to hike up our prices, even though our ‘core’ prices have remained steady for several seasons. So that’s good news for you and not such good news for us, but we want you to feel good about reaching into your pocket when it comes time to settle your bill!

The opening weekend is right around the corner and we all look forward to seeing you soon. Stay tuned!

PS Katie had a fantastic time trick-or-treating with her friends last night. She had a brilliant costume that she put together herself and did all her own make-up before heading out into the darkness with the possibilty of some ‘clowns’ lurking about. Needless to say that Gill, Millie and I were tucked up in front of the fire doing our best to avoid the entire Halloween scene! (Photo at the bottom of the Out of Season Photos file)

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