After several days of clear blue skies........

06 January 2009

After several days of clear blue skies we awoke to grey sky with a fhoen wind, and -12C in town. Needless to say it had the makings of a potential ‘stinker’, but it turned out to be a pretty decent morning. Andreas and Thomas are entertaining a couple of Swedish groups that Andreas has cultivated and I’m not too sure what they got up to today. Oliver ‘skinned’ up under the Crete du Genepy en route to Mont Roup, which was a pretty big outing as it was probably the coldest day of the season. I skied off the Motte before climbing up to the Borsat West and TJ and Chris skied the Sachette. Millie skied with her school again this afternoon and loved it. I thought they might cancel the skiing because of the cold weather but they took them out and did a great job taking care of them. Pietro has returned to Italy with his family after a good couple of weeks of combined work and holiday. More of the same is forecast on the weather front and we did see a few flakes of snow today and combined with the wind it has helped. Fingers crossed for some more snow tonight.

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