Three weeks today!

03 November 2016

It’s that time of year when I need to prepare to switch from my ‘summer-life’ to my ‘winter-life’ as seamlessly as possible. I don’t really think or talk too much about it leading up to my departure because it upsets Gill and the girls and usually I wait until I’m in the car listening to Dr. Karl en-route to the tunnel before I flick the switch from one life to another.

At the moment we are having damp issues, lighting problems and a leak upstairs that’s staining the living-room ceiling so we’ll be having workmen coming in-and-out. Besides being expensive it is playing havoc with my golf routine as I’m trying to fit as many games as possible before I leave but I now have quite a bit of painting to do behind the workman. I’ve had to cancel a game with Mark and Daphne, which is a bummer as I was looking forward to seeing them.

Speaking of golf, Millie has had a brilliant summer and has won a few events and done well in others, she has represented Surrey, and has been asked to be the Girls Junior Vice-Captain this year. She’s already getting her head around the speeches that she’ll have to make and I think she’s looking forward to it all. She and I have a fun-competition still to play together and we’ll try to get out for a couple of rounds before I leave. Meanwhile, Katie is enjoying her riding but I think her real passion at the moment is her gymnastics. She loves her new gymnastics club and she’s doing some pretty impressive manoeuvres. Katie spends hours in the living-room doing ‘walk-overs’, handstands and that sort of thing, or watching gymnastic footage on the computer. Gill is playing tennis at least once a week and walking with her friends whenever she can.

I leave three weeks today so stay tuned for further updates!

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