Well done girls !!!

18 November 2016

It’s quite incredible what a few flakes of early snow does for the bookings. E-mails are coming in fast and furious so if you know your dates don’t hesitate to get in touch and make sure that you avoid disappointment.

The girls are on a good roll at school at the moment and Katie came home the other day and announced that she and a few others have been chosen to represent their school in a National Maths Competition. Bravo Katie! Unfortunately I’m almost past the point of helping her with her homework but I can still manage to help with the arithmetic-based problems. (Bravo Dad!) And Millie has been chosen with a few other Surrey girls to have a private golf lesson with Dame Laura Davies. That should be interesting but unfortunately I’ll be in France and won’t be able to escort her, but I’m sure Nana will take her if Gill is busy. Stay tuned for more news as the winter approaches!

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