Wow, that was close !!!

28 November 2016

I had a fantastic journey, maybe the easiest and quickest I’ve ever had. The sun was shining the entire time (although in the eyes but it certainly beats flapping windscreen wipers) and I thoroughly enjoyed Ed Sheeran, Led Zepplin, Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, Bob Seger and Bob Dylan driving me on. I did however have a panicky patch as I’d judged my fuel and was getting ready to pull of the autoroute to fill up only to find the station closed! I was running dangerously low and dove off the autoroute heading towards what looked like a small town in the near distance. My fuel warning light was flashing and I knew the end was near but managed to nurse my car up to a pump in a remote village. I’m sure I was running on fumes by this time and I can’t tell you how relieved I was. In the future I’ll save myself some serious stress gas-up a station in advance!

Anyway, I’m here so stay tuned for some news tomorrow!

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