My season is underway!!!

30 November 2016

My season kicked off today with glorious sunshine and an empty mountain. I skied with Duncan and his mate Paul and we started off with some technique while waiting for the T-Bar on the glacier to open, and as you know I’m always happy to impart a little technique when I get the chance! Once they opened we headed out into the Pays Desert for a ‘double-skin’ and had some lovely skiing. The snow has been work by the wind but it’s loosening up and very skiable.

There is a ton of snow at altitude and the base is excellent as you can ski the Pays desert without worrying about rocks, which makes a change! You could find some if you tried hard enough but hopefully I’ll get through this early-season period without breaking a pair of skis, which I’ve done two years in a row.

With all the hype about snow the skiing lower down isn’t really happening yet but with a few more nights of intensive work with the snow cannons hopefully the lower pistes will be open for the weekend. It is extremely warm lower down during the day, which doesn’t help but I’m confident we’ll be skiing to the bottom soon.

I must run as I’ve a lot to do so stay tuned!

PS The rest of the boys were off today.

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