Sunny days ahead!!!

01 December 2016

Penny kicked off her season today and Richard H came along as well as we had a lovely morning in the Pays Desert skiing a variation of yesterday’s itinerary. The off-piste is limited at the moment unless you want to go ‘adventure’ seeking and be ready to deal with whatever you find. The top half of the mountain has a fantastic base but the lower part of the resort has a very thin snow cover to say the least. Still, the sun is shining and the weather is absolutely stunning!

Unfortunately the weather forecast calls for clear blue skies until at least December 9th so what we have is what we have, but the snow cannons are blowing constantly and the lower pistes should be open soon, and hopefully by this weekend!

Since I started posting daily photos I’ve used Picasa but they have stopped supporting that system and I’m having trouble with my photos. I can post them but once posted I can’t move them around to change files, I can’t put up captions, and I can’t delete them either. Does anyone know of another service I can use? At the moment I’m putting up just the ‘Photos of the Day’ but not the monthly file that you can look back on once you’ve returned from your holiday. Photos will be up for only one day before being replaced so you’ll need to look the same day if you have a starring role! Any help would be greatly appreciated because at the moment it’s not very satisfactory and a real pain!

Derek, Peter and Paul arrive tonight and Jean R will also be starting his season tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Thanks to Johnny Alpine for a fantastic curry last night. It was one of your best and that’s saying something! Unfortunately West Ham sucked but United looked as if they are starting to find another gear and brighter days may be around the corner for you Man U fans. The same can’t be said for us long-suffering Hammers fans!

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