We had a very similar day to yesterday........

07 January 2009

We had a very similar day to yesterday, meaning cold, windy, and grey, but the visibility was pretty good towards the Sache and we profited from being able to see combined with a nice cushion of snow. The Fornet was socked in and more snow will have fallen at that end of the valley but we won’t be venturing up there until the wind dies down as the current conditions are the coldest we’ve had for several years. Millie skied with Gill and her friend Anna and Julia (from Snowman’s Larder) who are here on holidays this week. Millie did well considering her boots were totally un-done when she arrived home. More of the same is forecast for tomorrow but just enough snow has fallen in certain places to improve what has been a pretty difficult few days, although we have made the best of the conditions.

Sports Report- I’m incredibly pleased with the way the Calgary Flames are playing hockey at the moment and looking forward to the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff match-up with the San Diego Chargers this weekend. My main concern however is whether or not the Hammers can resist the money on offer for our best players. Each morning and evening I log-on hoping my favourite players are still with us. (Aren’t I a sad git?)

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